Comment: It was a bitter medicine to swallow...

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It was a bitter medicine to swallow...

We, the irate, tireless minority KNEW that turning our back on romnie was a calculated risk. But we knew that electing romnie would make us worse off than reelecting obombya.

We HAD to hope and pray that by giving the dems what they wanted that they, too, as Americans first, would somehow see through the facade and that they would see the deception of the duopoly.

With Naomi now seeing the lie, we have begun to achieve our goal. She is a strong voice for Liberty as we, the tireless minority, have ALWAYS known.

We had a plan. We still have a plan. The DP spearheaded this movement. I truly believe that with ALL of my heart. We have helped to turn the tide.

We are Patriots. The battle continues. We can not shrink now, even as we increase the voice of freedom. We are joined every day by newborn Patriots.

Naomi Wolfe is a Patriot. She has seen the light. The plan is working.

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