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People like you and is the problem is not "participating in this program", Amazon "IS" this program.
However, in some ways you are right about "participating in this program" in that, "IS" participating in the U.S. Governments program of disarming Americans whether the people are freely selling their Guns or Not.
This isn't helping to get Guns off the streets so those Guns don't freely go out and shoot people, or somehow get in the hands of criminals that could shoot someone, This "IS" helping this out of control administration doing everything (including, by unlawful means) they can to disarm ALL Americans for the next step in their puppet masters plan to enact their NWO.

So, you are either a fool to think it's not that bad a deal, a fool to think is just helping out OR, maybe, YOU are one of the Governments Jesters, doing all you can to trick the people here into thinking what was OK and perhaps a good thing.
Either way, No one that is truly a supporter of the Constitution and especially a supporter of the 2nd amendment would ever say what you said.
But, then again, you didn't say you support the 2nd amendment did you.
You actually said you are a "staunch believer of the 2nd amendment"
A "staunch believer of the 2nd amendment" only means you believe of the 2nd amendment" Not a supporter "OF" the 2nd Amendment.
Big difference.

You said:
"Most gun owners would consider this a responsible action. (EDIT: By "this" I mean, selling a weapon that cannot be reasonably secured)"
So, in some mysterious way, YOU know what most Gun owners think?
You believe that you can speak for "Most gun owners" in saying;
"Most gun owners would consider this a responsible action."

IMO, YOU are a traitor to the Constitution, a mole to this thread and should be banned from the dailypaul.