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Comment: I'm with the Judge on this issue.

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I'm with the Judge on this issue.

At least if millions of immigrants come here we won't have tens of millions more government terrorists employed if a lawful immigration policy was followed.

Yes sometimes foreigners will take "our jobs" - but in many cases turn jobs into businesses and start hiring a lot more people. Can't really blame them for hiring their own people since there are so few jobs available to them if they were looking themselves.

Lawful is ultimately about self-evident Natural Rights (the obvious right to exist) and then you have the Bible, Magna Carta, Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence, Constitution for the United States of America.

Statues are internal agency rules which govern employee behavior. They have "force of law" on the "consent of the governed" (employees). The preceding is my best educated guess - not having thoroughly read/studied all of them - is that all these documents talk about LIMITING government power... not expanding it although in the constitution 2nd class "citizens" are created and then 2nd class citizenship is sold at wholesale prices.