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I beleive

I beleive every person has the god given right to be here without "papers" or "documentation". The only reason people have become so angry toward "illiegal" immigration is do to the fact that our own government takes from us (taxes) and gives to them (medicare, welfare, and others). If the government did not supply these "handouts", then I beleive there would be less of a problem with immigrants. Lets not forget the minimum wage laws, which gives many businesses reason to hire "illiegal" immigrants at a lower wage. There are many quotes by are founding fathers on this issue, but one that stood out to me was this: "Our ancestors... possessed a right, which nature has given to all men, of departing from the country in which chance, not choice, has placed them, of going in quest of new habitations, and of there establishing new societies, under such laws and regulations as, to them, shall seem most likely to promote public happiness." --Thomas Jefferson: Rights of British America, 1774. ME 1:185, Papers 1:121