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Comment: The reference

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The reference

The reference to the 3rd Reich is garbage.

The international Jewish community declared war on Germany in 1933 the moment the Nationalists Socialists came to power. A full six years before the war.

Look up why Muammar Gaddafi was, and now Iran, are targets!

Hitler made 24 offer of peace before and after the start of the war to the British. He stated many times he did not want war.

Hitler offered military concessions to France, Norway and Finland before the war. Hitler appealed to the league of Nations on many occasions to stop the killings on ethnic Germans in Danzig and Czechoslovakia by Bolshevik Jews.

"No one saw the 3rd Reich coming". Talk about giving BS a platform.

250 000 Germans were committing suicide every year by proxy of the Versaille treaty for the "banking" families.

Who owns The Fed and who controls the media that everyone is bitching about?

Lets not educate ourselves on sound bites and half truths

I wonder if the Germans are better of now?

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5