Comment: Unfortunately yes, this is true.

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Unfortunately yes, this is true.

I used to be into following stuff like this but gave it up almost entirely because, while it could be used to predict future events, it gave no ability to prevent them or alter them in any major way (other than identifying and naming the future event which can serve as a replacement for the event which reduces the need for the event to actually happen in 3-dimensional reality since it has already happened in 4-dimensional reality - the human mind).

See how explaining this multi-contextualism can make you crazy or sound like you are? Tread these waters only if you have a solid foundation in the spirit to buoy you.

...The X-Files had an episode where satanic school teachers murdered students - very strong connections to Sandy Hook... and are sure to have plenty to say about this also...

Without having consulting either of them I will tell you yes, this was a satanic child sacrifice ritual.

Brrr. I suddenly feel cold...

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.