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But I don't think or read it as Aion, that is the Enlighization of the word αἰώνιος. I agree with most of what you said, things like 'Jesus will save to the UTTERMOST!' We must use Scripture to interpret scripture, ect.

A few things though. The Septuagint is helpful at times, but the original Hebrew is much to be preferred. The meaning of עוֹלָם (olam) to my knowledge was never meant to be forever. The fact that is transated to Aion in the Septuagint is a mistake by those translators. The Septuagint, after all, is not divine but it is a translation of men.

A few questions for you that I would honestly like to hear your answer:

*Since you agree that God is just, how is divine justice satisfied on those outside of Jesus?

*Why, on what basis, do you believe that the judgement of God are temporary (as you said in the post)?

*If God's judgment is temporary, why did Jesus come at all? Why did he die? What did his death accomplish, if anything?

Thanks for reading :)

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