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Comment: 20 years working in ophthalmology

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20 years working in ophthalmology

meant most of the patients were old folks. Young folks see optometrists for glasses, old folks see ophthalmologists to have cataracts removed - those are the things that drive eye care.
Old people are awesome. Sure, there were a few curmudgeons but I even enjoyed them most of the time. At the risk of stereotyping, let me say these are generalities, your geriatric mileage may very.
Tact. Old people know how to tell you to go to hell and make you happy to be going on a trip.
Honesty. Old people don't care what you think of them, and won't hesitate to tell you what they think of you.
Wisdom. At least once a week, I'd see some old codger who had not been to the doctor in years, occasionally I would meet one that had never been to a doctor. When folks start to go blind, they seek help. When I would take their history, they would be on no medications, never had any surgery, and be healthy as a horse - just some cataracts forming. They were their own health care providers, and they had a healthy, long life to prove the efficacy of their methods.
Compassion. Several couples where one is mentally gone. It is so sad, these people have been married for decades, and the one is now acting as parent for the other. If you do not believe that love is worth the risk, or that love is not powerful, you have never met a couple like the couples I met. One couple in particular... In their 80's, and he was still sharp as a tack. She was pretty much gone. Still smiled a lot, but not sure where she was or why. He would get up and spend an hour with her putting on make up and doing her hair, because that was so routine for her that it was still important to her. He did this whether they were going any where or not. And he was grateful for that morning routine, it was when he could glimpse a little shadow of his beloved.
"Honor thy mother and thy father" is good advice and a lost art. I am entering the "old people" zone myself, 51 this month. I am tired of hearing about how the old people ruined this country from the young punks who do not understand this "divide and conquer" tactic. We need old people, and we need to listen to them and cherish them.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.