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My story about old person:

I am an upholsterer. I received a job doing a couple very old airplane seats. The man came to pick them up, although couldn't walk to my door so I had to bring them to him. He said he was dying of prostate and bone cancer, and wanted to fly, so he was finishing up flying instructions, and had bought an old yellow plane to fix up. He told me his name, and I had recognized it as a local man who was put in jail by the local "county planner/dictator" who had also harassed me and many others in the county. Once the dirty deeds that this planner had done came out into the open, the county had decided to keep an eye on him, but being the dictator type, he quit. So, this old gentleman who was sick, told me that the county commishioners had said to him that he was the reason that the planner had quit. I said, "Well that makes you a hero!" So, anyway, I said, so, when you get your pilots license, will you fly over my house and dip your wings? (I live 30 miles from any town). Well, about a month later I heard a small plane, and sure enough a yellow plane circled my house 3 times, dipping their wing each time. He was heading to another state to spend the rest of his life with his high school sweetheart.