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Great story fishy. I talked a bit about my grandfather below... My grandma dealt with Alzheimer's for about ten years, and I saw what you described first hand. Amazing.

(When I said he was still "chasing tail", I meant in a good natured way, lots of flirting just to let the world know "I still got it", LOL. I think he used this as a weapon at the craps tables, and when a young greenhorn would toss a weak roll halfway across the table, causing grandpa to lose the huge pile of chips he had riding on various carefully calculated numbers, the 'stinkeye' they received was usually enough to send them packing and get the table back on track. This went on until 3am every time we took a family trip to Vegas, even on his 90th birthday.)

But when it came to grandma, it was pure love and devotion. Ask anyone in my family how many times they caught the grandparents smooching in the hallway when they thought nobody was around... LOL.

Over the years I've mentioned on the DP several times how when grandpa died, we found a 2005 donation to RP in his checking account ledger. He was a lifelong Democrat.

One day we'll be the 'old sages' from the dawn of the internet era. I'm certainly looking forward to it!