Comment: Push the National Guard?

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Push the National Guard?

An issue I face when discussing the Paul position on defense with others who only know of RP from out of context media sound bites is the perception of a position being weak on defense. I know this to be untrue as Paul has stated he believes in a very strong national defense policy. What he does NOT support is intervention in sovereign foreign nations and the spreading thin our own military to engage in unnecessary and undeclared wars.

With this being said, maybe a more specific vision of a strong national defense should be presented. An idea I've been pondering would be for Paul to push for federal resources now being spent overseas shifted over to the National Guard. The National Guard is authorized in the Constitution and I think most Americans would have a positive reception to this type of policy. I also beleive this presents a check on overreaching federal authority when faced against a State militia of trained and armed citizen soldiers.