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Comment: Rick and Jeremy

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Rick and Jeremy

You are two very brave and courageous "investigative" reporters.
I thank you for what you've exposed, and also for showing others what "real" Americans are like.
Those warmongers dressed in combat gear, killing innocent women and children are not real Americans...They are a bunch of brainwashed, sick, psychopaths who enjoy killing for the pleasure.
After a while they get their "reward" when their conscience starts to eat away at their core, they can't stand it anymore and commit suicide.
This is the real reason there's so many suicides in the military.
The evil bastards aren't worried about losing one of their own to suicide, they can always get a new "recruit" to fight for their cause, all it takes is waving the flag and showing them some sicko films depicting women and children getting killed. If you can't take it, then you are not a man.