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Comment: most of my posts...

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most of my posts...

...have been from my Smartphone, as I check in with the DP nearly a dozen times a day...

-When I wake up
-After I drop my daughter at college
-on the way to Job #1
-while making my deliveries at Job #1
-after I complete my delivery

-one hour before I go to my second job(just to ALERT the DP what Crosstalk on VCY Milwaukee is talking about encouraging US to call in on weekdays!!!) - listen STREAMING and CALL IN to both Worldview Weekend Radio and Crosstalk weekday between 1pm - 3pm Central Time - )

-just before I punch in at my 2nd job
-on my first break
-on my lunch break
-on my second break
-when I punch out and before I get my 5.5 hours of sleep!