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Wrong, wrong, wrong. Alex

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Alex Jones is to 9/11 Truth what Richard Simmons is to Masculinity. In other words, he is not who serious 9/11 investigators turn to. We turn to Ryan Dawson, Sibel Edmonds, Mike Rivero, etc., and the ones who don't get wealthy Jewish people to bankroll their documentaries (see Loose Change which is filled with distractions and halftruths). Nothing wrong with wealthy Jewish people, but they aren't likely to fund documentaries that point out the obvious connections between 9/11 and Mossad.

There is a reason the only 9/11 Truthers who get attention are not serious investigators. Please see War By Deception 2013 and learn just how real the cabal was to mask truth.

Truth will never NOT matter! Our entire foreign policy is based on this crime.