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Wow, lots to think about

Here are my insights into your great reply, I'll just go in order. Each could be a conversation hours long so I'll try to keep it condensed:

"How did the powerful people gain more power?"

It is my belief that we come here intentionally forgetting our divinity to experience a life of remembering, remerging with this Truth. Those who reach this enlightenment, may choose to use that Knowing to their own selfish benefit while using instruments of FEAR to hinder others from attaining the same Knowing. They then set up special little secret boys clubs to teach each other these little "mind tricks" as a means to control others NOT for their own personal enlightenment. But THAT is what separates them from the rest. By using this "hidden" [elusive] knowledge for ill purpose they hinder themselves spiritually and thus have only a small connection to the awesome power that really exists. This is why this time in world history is so beautiful, because finally this knowledge is reaching those of good intention, of good heart and of good mind. One person alone who is aligned with these teachings in an honest, loving way is more powerful that a million who are not.


What I have learned in respect to crystals is that they do, like everything, have their own unique vibrations or frequencies that only one who is in tune with such knowing can benefit from. However these frequencies are bound in their crystal form, unchanging. We as humans CAN change vibrations and frequencies within us and we do on a daily basis through the experience of emotions. Feel good = high frequency; Feel bad = low frequency. Aside from crystals, other objects or symbols may be imbued with a frequency set forth by its owner to serve as an assistant to align with this "energy" or consciousness field. Consider them as a self-given permission slip to do so. A lucky charm is a widely known yet rarely understood example of this principle.

"Wave Function"

I couldn't agree more. We "feel" people's moods all the time even from across the room. Not much I can add there. Something I did find just awesome was an understanding of the fractal nature of reality. Patterns exist in everything. Micro to Macro; As Above, So Below. We see photons exhibit behaviours where they spontaneously act like a particle then a wave form. I liken this same behaviour to people who may "fluctuate" between their human form and then their spiritual being-ness. We, as the photon, pop in and out of "solid/wave" states. Blew my mind.

"Soul Mates"

I believe this is more of a "resonance" idea. Just as we resonate more with certain people because they are more of like mind or attitude, consciousness (or souls) may resonate with others and sort of "entangle" themselves occasionally to "bump into one another". Love is the highest form of consciousness (high frequency wave form) so if you don't interest yourself with it you are really missing something really important and fundamental.

"We are merely thought and action, no more, no less."

Or so we have been taught.

More importantly, we are emotional beings which are the foundation to our thoughts and actions. THIS is that missing piece that causes us to feel lost in life or insignificant. It is also the key to obtain the "power" we began talking about here, to be Present in our emotional state of being. Being aware of the NOW. When you think of the "Past" you think of it NOW. When you envision your future, you are envisioning it NOW. I have learned that in the NOW is where all the power lies because you can re-experience past event through a "new" NOW perspective and make peace with anything you need to. At the same time you can establish a NOW emotional perspective of what's to come. What I usually do is I start my day by become NOW present (just stop and breath and realize you are here right NOW) and then I set the intention of how this NOW moment will impact all the other NOWs that are to follow. It takes some practice and getting used to because we live in a society where our emotions and our focus is "hijacked" by advertising, television, movies, traffic jams, crappy music, politics, wars, etc., etc., and we become disconnected from the NOW and just worry about the future and feel pain for our past—both of which YOU manifest in your thoughts right NOW.

Thank you so much for reply. I'm glad you enjoyed the video.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin