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Now hold on a second... you are mish-mashing

1) I think every person on DP agrees, including religionists that state religion is unacceptable.

2) Let's take abortion as an example and let's use the United States for a second. I don't think anyone disagrees that in the United States it would be inappropriate to legislate abortion in EITHER DIRECTION, for or against. That is Ron Paul's position. I.e. it's not in the constitution, so it's a state issue. At the state level, we're state citizens to determine abortion is legal or illegal, that's a state concern. If private (non-state) churches or if NOW or Planned Parenthood organized at the state legal to push through a law to ban it or to allow it, good for them, politically speaking. Why in this scenario would you believe that what a church were to organize would be inappropriate? It would be no different than what you might do or planned parenthood might do or what C4L might do. It would be completely appropriate.