Comment: Thanks. I'll check it out.

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Thanks. I'll check it out.

I cut my comment out of the 'Old People' post - irrelevant - but here it is:
BTW, I wouldn't take it on myself to argue with De Gaulle, but I recall an argument that the quality of complaints of a people is proportional to the quality of their problems. An example might be that a population under tyranny and without electricity would complain/be concerned with the electricity first, and only worry about the tyranny once the lights were working properly again. Management of the Absurd was the name of the tape course.

It seems like that is what the system does to people - they either create or emphasize little things for people to 'whine' about, and if or when that little problem is solved they've got another one lined up. In this way the masses never get around to addressing the big problems because there are so many little ones to fix first. Another example might be a house with a sinking foundation and a leaky roof - until the roof is fixed the foundation is something that can be worried about later since it's an older, slower moving problem that can wait longer to be fixed.

(edit - yeah, that poem is kind of disturbing)

It was probably the pandas.