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In Large Part...

...yep, kooky. More properly, a seeming restricted-assessment zealotry, devolving from the 'Paul' name.

Those who 'advance', seemingly zealously, Rand as the heir apparent of some mythical all encompassing 'liberty-torch', to be born in the name of all liberty advocates.

Yeah, that's kooky, to me and likely to others who choose to at least assess how he develops over time before climbing on the bandwagon.

Those who refuse or do not see the necessity to actually 'vet' this man's bona fides over time, particularly as it seems he is becoming pretty damn neocon establishment cozy.

Yeah, that is kooky to me.

Those who manufacture, or more properly they project, some high-level secret game of three-dimensional chess being played to lull the establishment into accepting him, then miraculously, Ol' Rand will become 'super-Paul', the mild mannered yet unwavering 'liberty movement' super-hero.

Yeah, that is kooky to me.

Those who believe that the GOP establishment would deign to accept anything more than a token-libertarian into the fold (with, of course, required allegiance to the overall GOP globalist-collectivist goals).

Yeah, that's kooky to me. And seems much more likely designed to lull the liberty-movement's 'faithful drones' (that is you kooky guys, just so you know) into at least marginal GOP support.

Those who, I assess, naively 'hope' that Ol' Rand will 'change' ('hope & change' sound familiar?) the GOP globalist-collectivist establishment from within, in the face of decades of contrary evidence that the GOP is united and committed to what we see them consistently do.

Yeah that is also kooky, to me.

Those who seem to be looking for 'a man' in government to follow, rather than grimly getting down to the torturous task of standing unwaveringly on individual liberty principle and unwavering constitutional-limitations on government and subsequently attempting a ground-up mindset change of the people.

I could go on, but why bother.

Yeah, a goodly sample of Rand Paul supporters seem to be crazy as a schite-house rat, ala what we see so often in any 'person's' zealous supporters, ala Obama, Romney, Palin, Paul and on and on and on.

Yep, kooky, disturbing AND incredibly illustrative.