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Comment: Tisha! This is so awesome

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Tisha! This is so awesome

I first had beet kvaas about 3 months ago. It was delicious! I've been thinking ever since that I should figure out how to make it, since I make all kinds of weird stuff at home, including my own:

- soap
- yoghurt
- granola
- kale chips
- dehydrated flax crackers

Thank you for the recipe! Just one question for our vegan friends here: Is there something that one might use instead of whey?

I have heard this is an excellent book: Wild Fermentation. Times are a little tight, so I haven't bought it just yet, but fermented foods of all kinds have great health benefits.

Big mike made some fermented hot sauce with peppers that he grew. Yum, yum!

Thank you for the post.