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I hear where you're coming from

On the other hand let me ask you this: What if the Amazon money is what is keeping the site afloat?

Should I get rid of it, and in the process get rid of the site? Would that be a better outcome?

I'm not trying to flip here, this is a real matter of consideration. The DP fundraiser, in which I asked for $20,000 to help fund the site for the first half of the year, is about 40% complete. I don't have high hopes that it will be filled.

Amazon definitely doesn't float this boat, but it does provide a marginal source of income, and at this point, it is important.

So I understand it is easy to blurt out an opinion without all the facts. It is easy to say what other people should do - what Michael Nystrom should do. I, on the other hand, have to manage this whole operation, to make sure it stays afloat for the thousands of people who enjoy it; for the contribution it makes to the Liberty community; For the information it provides, and the pressure it puts on the RNC (Reince Prebus says he reads the site).

So here is the site - it costs time and money to produce. That money is in short supply, meaning my time shortly may have to be put to better use somewhere else. So if the Daily Paul goes, the Amazon like with (obviously) go with it.

Would that be a desired outcome?

And just curious - not to berate or anything, but just out of curiosity: Have you contributed to the fundraiser?

Again, just curious. Because the DP is in trouble.

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