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I hear you..

I know money is tight, I just made a major change in my life and moved to Switzerland with my wife and 14 month old daughter in hopes of better days.

Here is a possible alternative to Amazon (I am not sure if they desrve your business either):

As you can see by this search, the relevant products are there:

"Should I get rid of it, and in the process get rid of the site? Would that be a better outcome?"

If that is the situation, then my answer is of course not.

"And just curious - not to berate or anything, but just out of curiosity: Have you contributed to the fundraiser?

Again, just curious. Because the DP is in trouble."

Not yet Michael. I hope I can send a meaningful contribution soon.

Till then, you can expect an ounce of silver in the mail.

I will send it this week, you have my word on that.

I try to change people every day. Do You?