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Thanks man I appreciate the response

Switzerland! Wow! That will be a big change. I've been there once, though I didn't spend much time there.

Please, if you'd like to make a meaningful contribution, please keep us updated on what you see / how things are there. We have another friend here at the DP who is going to be moving to China soon.

I have traveled extensively throughout the world, and there is nothing more educational than travel abroad. And living abroad! I lived in Japan for about two years, and Taiwan for about two years. Having that contrast allows you to see your own country more clearly.

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The thing about Amazon is that it is ubiquitous. Is anyone going to go through the hassle of signing up for an account from B&N to buy a book? I did look into it before, and tried being a customer for a while. The prices are higher, and the service not as good. There is a reason that Amazon is the market leader.

But it brings an interesting ethical point: How far does one go. Anyway, we all do our best. Thank you for understanding.

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Anyway, your observations on Switzerland would be an awesome contribution to the community. But I look forward to the silver, too ;-) The girl who's moving to China sent a beautiful 1oz round from Somalia. I need to take a picture of it and put it up.

Thank you again.

He's the man.