Comment: Are you a Republican?

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Are you a Republican?

Did you go to your GOP committee meetings?
Did you run for an office on your committee or in your city, county, state?

Ron Paul championed the Liberty message by himself, and many of us became students. I am still a student. Campaign for Liberty attempts to teach those interested how to participate, many don't bother, some who have felt it was not enough, and that is because many are unwilling to be champions, but rather prefer supporting the champions.

Ron Paul chose the GOP, I didn't, and I don't know many here who did. Most refused to register Republican, or even go to a committee meeting. Many who did, like myself, are now committee office holders, and our committees have become Liberty GOP committees.

Our Party, the GOP, is changing because of us, and we need more people to support and assume offices rather than waxing apathic and throwing in the towel.

Willis did not run against Preibus to win, but to protest, and this is why he wouldn't have won. Many of us are new in the GOP, and what's so wonderful about that is that WE ARE THE FUTURE. There are no Neocons flooding into the GOP, rather we are.

I'm not going to fight for employment, most of those are of, by, and for government jobs. I am going to fight for small business and American business to have rights so they can afford to hire people rather than the government competing with these businesses, and putting them out of business, in the name of jobs.
Global warming.. my issue has to do with GEO-ENGINEERING and I intend to make this a committee issue and SUE THE MILITARY for loss of agriculture, water contamination, and visable sky pollution.. this will bring in many people to our party as it is a big issue where I live. Same for wars.. we are making the GOP the anti-Bush doctorine Party.

My committee has issues with UN Agenda 21 and we are fighting, drawing a line in the sand,, ICLE is another organization we intend to go after.

My first party was Libertarian 1976-92. We got no where because the GOP controlled us, and why you see Republicans donning a LP pin and running for president, and why Ron Paul joined the GOP.. Libertarian Party is a arm of the GOP, just as the Marines are a department of the USNavy.

After the stolen election in 92 (I was an inspector for Los Angeles County Registrar's office back then and like) thousands of other inspectors, had nearly 10K uncounted ballots in a locked boxes (CA, WA, OR, HI, AR, Alaska) none of their votes had been counted when Clinton was named president.. Perot led in my precinct that election.

I quit the LP and joined Ralph Nader, as did Raimondo from antiwar, and hundreds of thousands who joined Nader's campaigns to open debates and ballot access for Independents and third parties. All we won were multible law suits in multible states, and we lost every one. For three elections I worked with Nader and many people who were Libertarians, Greens, Peace and Freedom, Constitution, Reform Party, and more. It took us 37 third parties to get Ralph Nader on the ballot in 49 states. The Green Party split over it. There are TWO Green Parties, Green Party International and Green Party USA.

Personally, Ron Paul's campaigns were cake walks by comparison to the broken noses, arms, vandalism, false arrests, censorship, beatings and long list of abuse we suffered from Democratrs and Republicans, who the police protected.

When Ron Paul began his first run for president in the GOP, I REFUSED to join the GOP. I thought RP should do it MY WAY.. we had all these connections.. but he refused. When he made his second presidential run, I knew he was not going to go Indy, and I joined the GOP. I am now elected committee person and elected officer on my committee. I've only just begun and I am far from alone.

If you show up to meetings, your voice will be heard. Mine is, and while it was a lone voice for a year, it is not the loudest voice anymore.. WE ARE THE FUTURE. And I'm very happy about that. I never expected the GOP to lay down and wag it's tail for us. I expected a GOOD FIGHT and got a dirty fight, because they are weak, desperate and the only way they could win is by cheating, stealing and lying, so it is up to us, to not quit, but keep fighting.. we don't have enough people yet,, but we will, because we are the new blood, we are the passion, we are the future of the GOP.

Join us at the meetings. THANK YOU!!