Comment: it's about keeping the VISION

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it's about keeping the VISION

My daily proverb works specifically for this #dailyproverb on twitter today! Funny how God works.

... And ... My newest website is....
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Liberty, our freedom, this nation's founding was God-given....I will not recant from that!

The vision is to do God's will, and prosper and live in peace. We know what is not God-honoring, we know what hypocrisy looks like, we know we have to engage the political system, we know we've severely impacted it by promoting the passion and policies of a real Christian Statesman; we have to finish the job, as it is "our right and our duty"....for our posterity's sake!

The founders philosophies and instruction must be rekindled and lauded....God must be honored, His principles and laws must be preferred and willingly obeyed; or we have no Advocate in true Liberty.