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Comment: Don't ever forget that the wars all all orchestrated

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Don't ever forget that the wars all all orchestrated

for the purpose of profit for the central banks and the military industrial complex. They want war and purposefully create the conflict, which enables them to carry out their agendas to control the people and finite valuable resources that humanity relies on to subsist in the modern world. They can take an entirely peaceful village and create villains out of them and in a few short hours of Main Stream Media turn Sheppard's into terrorists. That is why it is so evil. Even if every average citizen of the planet comes to this realization, we are helpless to do anything about it. Sorry, but Avatar was fiction. As nice as it would be to think an enlightened world of people would be able to stop this military empire madness, in the real Avatar the Marine a-hole would reign supreme and will annihilate the people. We are doomed unless we push the reset button and start over with the basics of life, food and shelter for everyone. This leveraged credit world that allows the corporate fascism that has taken control of the globe is a one way ticket to disaster.