Comment: So a few fighters have been flushed out

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So a few fighters have been flushed out

Thats good , no thats great. But we still lost the last election folks. We'll lose the next one as well if we don't make our voices heard.
How ??
Any and all means at our disposal
Side Bar story

Glenn Beck who I almost never listen to was spewing out some earth shattering news he was going to reveal to his listeners soon. My car Radio was still tuned into the station this morning that carried the Jerry Doyle Show late last night. Glenn is proclaiming that the GOP is rotten and not what you thought they were. He'll "soon" inform his listeners and he must think he has them hanging on this news.All the while singing the praises of Rand Paul.

Sounds like the new found Liberty Guy Glenn caught wind of the book "Swindled" or heard a loud voice somewhere informing him of their shenanigans .. OR....and most likely this senario

My employee reminded me that you can bet your arse that he(Glenn) knew all about the Liberty movements plight this past primary and is a Johnny come lately trying to co-op the movement or use this info for his advantage like so many tried and did with the TEA Party Movement.

I say who cares who it is that is getting the message out and what their motives are.Lets take advantage of them. Beat them at their own game. Use them.The radio clowns who test the winds all the time.. Well the winds are blowing from the direction of us.. Find more ways to get the message out. Americans are fair. Uninformed but fair. But get the message out. The RNC must change and the LIBERTY WING STANDS READY TO LEAD.
So whether you think that joining a committee and getting in the devils bed by being political is the best way or sending money to the C4L or whoever or whatever. Do it! I've got my inner circle who I can influence as I did last nov. and maybe next time they'll have an inner circle as well.