Comment: Better video of Garrett, explaining his ride

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Better video of Garrett, explaining his ride

I'm a beached surfer.. I lived to surf "Big waves".. It really gets me to watch surf films.. that's all I ever watched for decades.

Anyways.. when you watch this.. look at the rainbows raining on Garrett from the wave in front of him.. beautiful isn't it? And on this vid, you see him getting tubed and coming out the back.

AWESOME. He's making Nazera Portugal famous, and won't be long, but I imagine many surfers are packing up, moving to Portugal and lving the good life there. I might.. I don't know.. I LOVE tha Pacific Ocean.. even though I have lost many friends to it.

BTW, the biggest are not THE BEST.. here's the best:

I'm all torn up now.. gosh but I miss surfing.