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Just the facts

Ok, there's much speculation on this thread. Let me list the facts:

From watching the longer video, it's clear that a perimeter was set by local law enforcement.

The school was abandoned, based on the broken furniture laying around and the poor condition of the structure, and the sign on the school saying they had moved.

The filming from the chopper didn't start until they heard gunfire, presumably after the exercise was ended. You're watching the AAR.

There are people in orange vests, those are likely exercise observers that are there to evaluate the exercise performance and effectiveness of the raid element.

The helicopters are MH-6 "little birds" exclusively used by US Army special operations and FBI SRT.

The men that came on and off the little birds were running PVS-15s commonly used by US Army SF, not front line units.

The possible SF guys are wearing multicam uniforms with the new low profile helmets, or skater type spec ops helmets.

The individuals that dismounted and mounted the little birds use standard US Army tactics in an 8 man stick - set up perimeter on the ground, back-to-back, making it highly likely they are US Army SF or Delta.

Those guys (spec ops) are all business in the video, not lawdy dawdy like they just got off the block, like many civilian law enforcement agencies usually are.

None of the people on the ground are trying very hard to hide their face, (so they may not be highly covert units, but if they are, they are being pretty ballsy).

The "OpFor" (or enemy element) was of a very substantial size! There are about 20 rifles on the ground for the AAR! That's not exactly a normal school active shooter lone gunman scenario... strange.

The raid element did not have blank adapters on their M4s, that doesn't mean they weren't running blanks though. With the observers absolutely everywhere, it's highly unlikely they were running hot with live rounds in a MOUT environment. It's just too dangerous even with special ops guys. It's much more likely that they were running simunitions.

Closing Thoughts:

It's comfortable to say that this exercise was not a typical school active shooter response. In fact the school may have nothing to do with it at all, besides that it's an empty building with a large perimeter around it that can be easily cordoned off. Also it has the bonus of giving the general unwashed public the impression that they're doing school security training....riiight.

The US government doesn't bring in special ops teams with little birds to save kids. They just don't care that much, nor could they deploy those types of teams everywhere in the US on a moment's notice. The little bird has a range of 262 miles...think about it. These types of tactics are for pre-planned insertion/kill/exfilt missions.

I don't know what the hell is going on, but it smells like sh$t