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If you have a minute at some point in the near future

I have some more thoughts on this.

You say; “If you don’t interest yourself with [love] you are really missing out on something really important and fundamental.” I agree, and you made me think more about what I meant when I said I am not interested in love. I think what I was getting at is that I am not interested in soul mate kind of love. I travel a lot and have seen so many amazing acts of love and kindness in this world that I can officially say love is cool. I held my niece for the first time a few weeks ago. I am now officially an aunt. I have been an “aunt” to a lot of friend’s kids, but I am now biologically an aunt. If you have kids or nieces or nephews I am sure you do not need me to tell you what it feels like to hold them for the first time…. That is LOVE. As far as soul mate relationship kind of love. Well, I have a hard time believing anyone when they tell me they are in that kind of “love.” How would you know? I am pretty sure I have never been in love, I have had people tell me they were in love with me, and while it is endearing and flattering, I don’t buy it. How could someone ever really know someone else well enough to know they love and accept someone else exactly how they are?

So, that is what confused me the most about the spiritual soul bond lady. It was not tangible enough for me, but you are right… it is important to practice acts of kindness towards other humans and I think that is a form of love for humanity itself.

Ok, moving on…. Please, please, please hear me out before you call me insane. In the video they were talking about how some biological responses are similar to computer processors. So, I was thinking about it last night…. What if we as humans are robots, and computers are controlling us? Seriously, no…. don’t leave the conversation yet… I’m not done! There is a missing link, right? What if that link is some kind of technological device we have not yet discovered? I have always thought that computers are becoming way too smart and as humans we are slowly but surely evolving into robots (please don’t stop reading yet!), however I don’t think that will occur for thousands of years, hundreds at the very least. But then I was thinking…. Do we as humans really have free thought and action? I mean… I read obsessively. I taught myself to speed read and comprehend at a young age…. But why would I do that? Did I choose to do that? Or, was I programmed to do that? I control my computer, but does a larger computer control me? Or is that just God? Or is there no meaning to any of this and this is all simply biological anarchy?