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im not sure why we would be

im not sure why we would be interested in making sure that murder is safe for the murderer?

The law is quite clear on this. Murdering an unborn baby is illegal. Don't believe me? Go punch a pregnant woman in the stomach and find how long it takes for you to be charged with murder. If your actions lead to the death of an expecting mother's baby, you get murder or manslaughter typically. So since the precedent of law is already set, how is it that a mother can decide to slay her child and call it "pro choice?" So if somene decides to murder their baby, don't they deserve to reap the consequences? Perhaps the trouble is that most people don't view dismembering a helpless baby just because she's "inside" mom instead of outside to be murder? I see no reason to make "abortion" safe. I prefer to see it dangerous... very dangerous. Maybe that will cause people to think twice before committing murder.

But is it a life when its in the womb!? Well if we found a single celled organizm on Mars, we'd call it life.

This isn't a christian issue. Im an athiest and about as anti-dogmatic christian as they come. However do we not have a right to our lives? Does a baby have any less right just because she's helpless? This is a natural rights issue. Every living human has a right to their life, their liberty, & their property. This includes unborn but living, breathing babies. Some day, when you're looking at your first daughter flapping her arms and sucking her thumb in the 2nd trimester, you'll understand what it means.

This "Is" a states issue however, ill grant you that.

Prolife may or may not be a winnable issue, but if we aren't trying to protect people's right to life, what the hell are we doing this for? On the other hand... trying to ban gay marriage makes us look like complete dipshit mouthbreathing zealots who use their pillows for transistor radios.