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Comment: I deserve the smackdown...

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I deserve the smackdown...

...I've been on this certain tear since AJ's Piers Morgan appearance...

You're admittedly having trouble raising funds for the site, and the "overall" aura of re-inventing, re-invigorating rage against the NWO is what is harming this forum IMO.

To each his own...I'm admitting that I too am a self-promoting fool of my Christian worldview that I strongly believe is in line with the founders understanding of the Creator, His attributes, and what MUST be done in order to achieve, enjoy, experiment with a truly free and prosperous society; under a civil government - which is a creation of God.

I'm sure I need to back off fighting Godless libertarians, and those I suspect are mostly secular humanists in their philosophies; and, mistakenly float an underlying idea that I perceive is promoting vengeance for any "conspiracy"(no matter how solid the evidence is) is the PATH to Liberty. This is why Alex Jones is a tool in my opinion.

Justice is Justice, and Liberty is Liberty. I am for the principle of replacement; and the task at hand, of "tearing from power and place ALL who thrive by the public wrong", is a mountain that only God can move; so we need Him - and so do those who cannot accept the physical science of 9/11 which shatters a lifetime of instruction/indoctrination, and helps develop a new MORAL worldview; the argument as to WHY we all most work so hard and sacrifice everything humanly possible to elect Statesmen into representative government.

I will take the rebuke; I apologize if I came off as an abrasive enemy of all who don't see it like I see it, and I mean not to ostracize or offend; but thanks to Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura, we're having a hard time selling Ron Paul's America IMO.