Comment: I'm sorry -- "none of it is accurate"

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I'm sorry -- "none of it is accurate"

So out of God all things did not come? Because I said that.

If you do not believe in God - you do not go to Hell (forever)?
---Because that's in the Bible
---Are we still talking about the KJV Bible?

According to the Scripture Sola folks -- all Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus etc etc who ever lived are in Hell, right now, and those alive who do not find Jesus of the KJV (accept that he is Messiah) and commence to "believing" will find themselves in Hell for-ever and ever.

Are you saying THATS not true?

What kind of "believer" are you -- to your own whits end?

Jews (of the Old Testament) believe that when you die you are body-locked until Judgement Day (could be another millennia and has been a millennia of a millennia for all ancestors -- well 10 millennia for those who believe in creationism.). You are either body-locked in Joy (peace) or you are body-locked in Restlessness (distress - nightmare).

According to primitive motivational thinkers.

What part of what I wrote above is false? I guess it depends on the particular branch of Christian you are -- but it's all true according to Martin Luther -- so if you are the kind of christian who followed from the logic of Martin Luther than it's true for you too.