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Pfft. I don't know what

Pfft. I don't know what you're on about. The Ron Paul liberty momvent owns my district now, and most of the ones around us. We are selecting our state representive.

When the next election comes, instead of me trying to police 6 tables at once to keep the filthy neocons from cheating, there will 2 Ron Paul PCOs for every neocon. Thats where these things are won and lost... right in your local precinct caucus.

Quit worrying about the top of the ladder, and start flooding the lower rungs. Find out which PCO spots aren't taken, fill them. Run for higher office within your party. Take them over and only let stay the ones who are willing to work with you.

Its not hard. Took me a few weeks of phone calls, a couple of meetups to locate and organize our people for the caucus.

I arranged a PCO takeover of our district in TWO nights with the help of a friend who was also making phone calls to our known Ron Paul people.

Get ahold of your county cordinater, find out what you can do, how you can become a PCO. Get a calling list. Put up a facebook meetup for Ron Paul people in your area. Taking this party completely ovre is not that hard. Who cares if their a few dozen corrupt bastards at the top when we have taken 70% of the party over? Let John Boner try to read his fraud off the teleprompter when 70+% of the people at the convention are flipping out at him.

Its not hard, if you haven't already, get off you butt and find out what you can do to win your precinct, then district.