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Great Question

Your "belief" of what God's Love is -- is not the love described in the Bible -- when the children were torn into 42 and 42 pieces by a she-bear just for "mocking" Christ; that's what God does to disobedient children, the God of the New Testament.

The God of the Old Testament is just as bad -- for sodomy he destroyed an entire city (two of them). Yet allowed, under the right circumstance, justifiable rape and slavery -- as long as you weren't too mean about it. How-to and When-to stone a person.

All in the Bible.

If you are a Catholic then you believe that all of Luther's Decendent-believers are in hell (actually no -- if they "get right" while in purgatory they can at least escape eternal damnation -- otherwise it's off-to-hell).

If you are a decendent-believer of Martin Luther then you believe all Catholics (that once lived) went straight to Hell -- As were all Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists to just name 60% of the planet give-or-take).

If you have "other views" then understand that those with those views see you in the light of your fate!!!

Would you want your children spending time with people of "other faiths" -- if it does not scare you to no end, that your children might change faiths then you are not "one of those" believers -- you are an "amateur hobbyist believer"

If I thought, by wrong belief, my daughter-relative-wife were going to hell for-ever and ever (or going to purgatory for as-long-as-it-takes) I would be in a fit of worry.

If you find yourself whistling or otherwise happy in life, then you are not "that kind" of believer -- you are a happy-go-lucky believer, carefree.

People are not "worried" (about the hellish fate of others) because they don't really believe it or their hearts are of stone (they don't care as long as "they" are safe).

If I "believed" (truly) on the Bible I'd be in a fit of worry over every thought and activity in my childs life.

Thank God! I do not believe in a "literal" Bible -- which means I can (without concern).

This has nothing to do with compassion, generosity, kindness, or charity -- those are far far far older than any scripture (since every scripture discounts it's predecessor).