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History shows us what the "leaders" and "individuals" who adhere

to a literal interpritation of scripture are capable of.

I'm not "fine" with your belief or the one you teach your children that people of "other faith" and people of "no faith" will burn forever and ever in Hell.

How can you ever be "casual" with whom your child spends time -- what if they changed faith, what if they got-logic and stopped believing; would that throw you into a fit of worry (knowing their fate)?

If not, if you took a "I'll re-convert them later" approach, then you are not worried about Hell or are "hopeful" for another outcome then the ones outlined in the Bible -- which further means you are not a "true" believer; you are more a hobbyist pick-and-chose believer.

If you are a true believer then you would home-school (like we did -- though we are not "bible believers").

Notice I said bible believers (that includes any and all scriptures) -- although I like the metaphorical interpritations made from the oldest of scriptures -- Rig Veda and Bhagavad Gita) but those scriptures do not require "belief" they require "practice"