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Comment: Luckily for you , I don't run from questions lol

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Luckily for you , I don't run from questions lol

Thank you for clarifying regarding love in terms of "soulmate love".

My view on that is that we are all a part of ONE soul, one Source of all being so everyone could be said to be your "soulmate". I think in terms of its use today, it simply is used as a metaphor for feeling a deep connection with someone. Many of those relationships eventually end as well, though right? So I look at it this way: Every relationship is your "soulmate" because without it you would not find the next and the next and the next and so on. Too much emphasis is made on it being only ONE person in the entire world. That's too limiting. I love everyone even people I shouldn't because they emphasize the love I have for those I freely love (did that make sense?) an unconditional love. Yin Yang-ish.

Your computer comment is fantastic actually. See if this spins your mind a bit: Is a computer (an actual one) aware it has electricity running through it and all its components to make it "alive"? My guess is, no. Can we as humans become aware that our bodies, organs, cells, molecules, atoms and finally sub-atomic particles are made up of an energy field? Yes we can. Science has proven it. So now imagine if electricity became self aware of its existence as the source of "life" for a computer. How do YOU feel knowing you are an energy being at your most fundamental core? What then is this energy, this consciousness? If it is what we call God, then what am I..............?

I'm not sure I answered your questions with more questions but I'd love to keep this conversation going :)

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin