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Comment: I respectfully disagree.

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I respectfully disagree.

Hillary would beat Rand in 2016.

1. She will carry the positive stigma of her husband. The majority of the people in this country experienced good economic times during his administration. That is ALL they remember. Monica, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Bin Ladin getting away, & all the negative will not be remembered. Bill will campaign his heart out for his wife as he will be happy to do that & he will in effect, get another two terms.

2. The women in this country, who outnumber the men, will vote for Hillary because of her stance on reproductive rights. Rand's "No Exception" abortion stance will sink his campaign.

3. Ethnic voters will vote Democrat. The Republican Party just does not have the numbers to elect a POTUS given its current platform & slate of candidates. White voters are a minority.

Don't believe me? Let's read this post in November, 2016.