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Ive heard lots of rumors of

Ive heard lots of rumors of chinese military bases down old MeHeco way. Some interesting "blacked out" areas on google earth. Some interesting videos of chinese troops and movements there too. Looots of American-made firearms headed down there too.

Collapse us from within, disarm us, turn off our early warning signs.

Seems a bit strange.

Is Obama a traitor? irrelevant question. Obama is a puppet. The real question is, what to the puppet masters think of America?

Hmmm... what does the old world banking empire think of the idea of capitalism rising again as the Liberty movment gains strength and the ideas of liberty spread like wildfire? Wasnt it Rothschild who once said that capitalism was the greatest danger to every monarchy on earth?

What happened to Germany when they decided to embrace captialism and industrialise, spreading railroads and free trade across Africa and Asia?

I think it would be unwise for anyone to dismiss the idea that the puppet masters want America stamped from the face of the earth forever. I think they want to crush us militarily as soon as its possible (i.e. once they take our government) Destroy our infrastructure, and then utterly wipe us from the pages of history with lies and progaganda so that no free nation can ever rise to challenge the banking empire again. I wonder if all these FEMA camps will be used as a part of that propoganda? Imagine our great grandchildren reading about the death camps in nazi america after the "heroic allies" rode into crush evil capitalism.

Is it likley? Probably not. That doesn't mean im betting against it.