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Someone please clarify this question.

I picked up on that detail as well. The question is: how did the cheese fail the test?

The business said the test was unfair or bad. Why? They apparently said, "let an independent lab do the testing," for obvious reasons as the gov't lab may just lie.

I'm guessing the gov't lab reported something like, "We found 'bacteria' in the cheese, and so it's bad."

We know that unpasteurized milk has the GOOD bacteria in it. That's why it's healthier and life-giving. Gov't bureaucrats would report a half truth, crying, "There's bacteria in the milk!! The business admits it. We must shut them down!"

While not reporting the whole truth, which is, "Their raw milk/cheese products contain all the regular, health-promoting bacteria, and no dangerous bacteria so it's safe for consumption."

But please, somebody who knows the actual facts, please chime in.

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