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SHTF is a Hollywood lie, it

SHTF is a Hollywood lie, it will never happen. The day after tomorrow never comes.

The greatest chapter of prosperity is yet ahead of us. We just need to finish out this crappy decade. The debt will be cleared from the books soon enough. Stock up on assets and be ready to strike when the opportunity comes. There are going to be some huge ground floors to get in on. YOU MUST BE IN A POSITION TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE COMING BOOM. This will be a once in a century event. In the short term here's how to position yourself.

1) Find a job listing that you'd like and apply, minimum wage is unacceptable. You must look for something better.

2)Apply to jobs that pay more even if your chance of getting them is slim at least you'll start getting interview experience. You must be applying to one or two jobs per week minimum.

3) MAKE A RESUME!!! and a cover letter that you can update to a specific job

4)Find a hobby that you can make an extra hundred or so a month on (Gardening, coin collecting, dumpster diving, tool repair, car wash/detailing etc etc).

5)Volunteer! Help others whenever you can. In fact beg to help people. This will expand your network beyond your wildest dreams.

6)When you're at the bottom as you are, take risks! You have nothing to lose, get out of your comfort zone. Ask for more responsibility, ask for a raise, ask for a promotion. Ask and ye shall receive.