Comment: Don't let it consume you.

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Don't let it consume you.

Don't let it consume you. People have been calling for one form or another of doom's day since Jesus was a bus boy. In life the feeling of security, money and just about everything else will come and go just don't forget to enjoy the ride. People who don't have money worry about getting money, people who have money worry about losing it.

Don't be worried because you don't have enough silver or food stock. No one can ever be fully prepped for every curve. Life has a funny way of showing a person they are not in control. In other words try to live more for the day and enjoy what you have.

You may be one hand shake away from meeting someone who or something that will guide you around that next curve. Mahatma Gandhi could have never imagined what his trip to Africa was going to start.

Life is full of Opportunity you just need to have open eyes and ears to find them. Enjoy the journey. Think about poking into a Church if it interest you.