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Comment: What is the cost?

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What is the cost?

"When the criminals make their crimes legal and all..."

The people being paid trillions of dollars worth of zeros for lying so well are now torturing and mass murdering millions of people with impunity.

What is the cost when all those lies are added up and known to be a sum total of falsehood?

I had a breakthrough this morning concerning the bait and switch of taking out the word Power and in place of that accurate word there is instead a word used to confuse the victims.

Wealth is what - exactly?

If I had a hammer: I'd hammer in the morning.

But if everyone had one of those immobilizing devices, at least as many people as already have Cell Phones, then who would be getting away with the crime of calling criminals with names like Missouri Milk Board?

If it was my milk, the milk I worked to produce, for trade, for earnings, for POWER to purchase, then I'm sure going to put the thief stealing it to sleep for an hour.

When the thief wakes up, I'll have the whole event on Youtube, already, and if the criminals with badges send more criminals my way, then they get put to sleep too.

If the criminals resort to nukes, or bunker buster bombs, or they gen Lon Horiuchi (or someone "better") to snipe me, or my wife, or our kids, then that happens that way, at least I'm armed with a peaceful, harmless, defensive weapon, instead of being duped and stupefied into abject belief in falsehood without question.