Comment: i'm not able to grow food

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i'm not able to grow food

i'm not able to grow food right now. it was bloody cosmic that this is the case. i definitely have conceded to those thoughts you have on this subject, in the past. And those thoughts are not entirely past me, it could take a few more events and i wouldn't care at all. i really don't care at all, on many levels. i just turned 33 last week. i wandered homeless for 3 years after getting a college degree. and i was promised things and betrayed. if i were italian i would have blood on my hands. i have justification for vengeance on many people.

but if you can grow food right now, please do that. ask your neighbours if you can grow food in their front and back yards. There are many fruits and vegetables and grains.... just go through a complete list of them... and herbs too. there are so many wonderful plants on this planet. it really is amazing.