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Comment: Sigh of relief lol

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Sigh of relief lol

Sigh of relief….
It is frustrating going into these conversations to sometimes be laughed at, especially when I always take the time to watch a whole video or read a whole article before I comment.

Your thoughts on loving people who do not deserve your love because they make you realize how much you truly love the people that do deserve your love are really interesting. I like that a lot. It’s like the whole idea that we have to have bad things in life to know and truly appreciate the good things. I am 27, so maybe someday I’ll better understand the idea of a soul mate and love as far as a romantic partnership, but right now I am cynical. Looking at every relationship as my “soulmate” is something I might try though… because you are right… the bad relationships will eventually lead me to a good relationship, right? Again, it goes back to the good with the bad idea.

You say “Your computer comment is fantastic actually.” I say, thank god you do not think I am crazy lol!

You absolutely did spin my mind a little there. I’m still trying to imagine electricity becoming conscious of its position as a life source for a computer….. And, yes we are aware of our own “electricity” being our bodies, organs, molecules and whatnot. But that sense, aren’t computers also in a way “aware” of their life source? I mean if a computer does not have electricity running to it, it does not work. And without a processor or hard drive, they cannot do much. So in a way even though electricity is not aware of its position as a life source, are computers aware of electricity and other components being a life source?

Another thing that has always eluded me when it comes to human consciousness is; how do we even know any of this is real? We think we have consciousness figured out…. But how do we know we are conscious enough to understand consciousness? And your right…. If it is “God” then what are we? Are we even relevant, do we even matter? Are we just part of a science experiment? How will we ever know for sure?

Thank you so much for this conversation, I love exercising my brain like this.