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Why would the US be any different to

Greece and Spain where people now are trying to get by with barter trade?

Why this belief in metals. What good are they if you don't have any food left. Why would someone else hand over their food to you in return for metal which they cannot eat?

It makes no sense to me whatsoever. In Greece and Spain people don't care about gold and silver. They care about food and water now. Metals are only of interest to a people if everyone has it or enough of it to use in exchange for goods and services. That is not the case with ordinary people in either Europe or the US.

Wouldn't that - Greece & Spain - be a place to look at and learn what actually happens when a country's monetary system reaches terminal failure due the obfuscation of our promissory obligations to each other which we have learned is 'money'. I find it strange that the people of the United States have forgotten what Jefferson said, that the issuing power of 'money' should be handed BACK to the people.

When the principal we create through an alleged bank loan must be paid back to the bank + interest that is never loaned or borrowed into circulation - ONLY principal is - then how in the world can a monetary system then NOT collapse at some* stage ? (*which is now) - Can anyone explain this?

Every $, €, Yen in circulation banks claim they lend to us must be paid back + interest. Yet, if we are to fulfill such a contract agreement with a bank then someone else will default and eventually go bankrupt and place that burden on the rest of the people. Who else to pay for it because of a stupid monetary system? Banks?

In order to pay back the alleged loan to a bank we would always have to re-borrow principal back into circulation because of a money shortage due to the interest we must ALSO pay out of circulation, right?. But that money is also interest bearing debt. This is what Jefferson meant. If you let banks issue the principal/money instead of doing it yourself you end up as bankers slaves. You will never get out of debt as a society or as an individual as a ever more decreasing sum of money in circulation to maintain the vital commerce and industry in society will force everyone out of business in the end because of the multiplication of interest bearing debt in circulation. This is how they/banks rob the people blind on a daily basis.

I cannot understand why these simple facts are never addressed by Ron Paul.