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Comment: I am also 27 and live in Los

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I am also 27 and live in Los

I am also 27 and live in Los Angeles where if you go out to a bar girls literally ask what show you've been on and what you drive within the first two minutes of conversation. So what am I to do? Meet girls somewhere else.

Join an intramural team, volunteer somewhere, go to the park, work out somewhere. Are you seeing the theme here? All of the above are FREE, and you are also likely to meet a much "better" person there than at a bar.

I would also recommend you save up $1000 and backpack through costa rica. Most business people can speak English there, so you will be able to get around with limited Spanish. You will be able to spend a month there at least if you conserve your money. Also it will open your eyes to a whole different world, universe, reality. I did this several times when I was between 22-25 and those trips were the best time of my life and greatest learning experiences.

Stop worrying about when its all going to collapse and just focus on living TODAY. If the world is going to end tomorrow, there is no place I'd rather be than the cloud forest of Costa Rica. In fact if the dollar collapsed tomorrow, I would probably move there just because of how awesome, self-less, loving, and giving the people are there.