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I hope you brought snacks :)

"I am 27, so maybe someday I’ll better understand the idea of a soul mate and love as far as a romantic partnership, but right now I am cynical."

I'm 31. You calling me old? lol I've gone through my own share of "insightful" relationships and until I realized that at the end of each one I was so afraid of finding the same relationship again because I hated them and the people I was with in them. But I kept getting the same pattern happen over and over until the last one. Through high school I had 3 relationships I though meant something and each lasted 6 1/2 months give or take a day or two. Then I thought I knew what I wanted, but still not appreciating the past relationships, and this one didn't end in 6 1/2 months, it ended in 6 1/2 years. After THAT one I was like ok WTF is going on here? Around that time I began to really become a conscious thinker (still not emotionally aware though) because I read "The Secret" (Ok now you can laugh at me) which really confused me but something clicked somewhere enough for me to use those past relationships not as things to watch out for and be afraid of repeating but rather I used them to help me define what I WAS looking for. That helped me see the value in those past relationships in my NOW. I didn't need to go back in time, I just changed how I feel about them NOW. Done. I'm now married very happily for almost 3 years.

I can answer your last two questions about the computer analogy and consciousness with this: The computer is much like animals are, like a dog for example. It's conscious but it doesn't see it's reflection and think (or bark) "Holy s***! I'm a dog!" It isn't self-aware consciousness. The computer would fall into that category. Which is what makes us humans SOOOO much more. We ARE aware that we are conscious. We are consciousness aware of itself through the "filter" of the human experience. Perhaps you're right. Maybe our limited human brains can't compute consciousness fully. Which is why I believe computers won't be able to replicate consciousness. They can imitate it but it won't be the same.

"And your right…. If it is “God” then what are we?"

This article may do a better job of answering this question:

It now seems science is saying the same but in more gentle terms.

Thanks for watching the entire video BTW. Not many people do before they express their opinions which makes the conversation so much harder. Completely not like this one :)

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin