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Comment: God's love is not undermined by his justice.

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God's love is not undermined by his justice.

If someone raped and killed my daughter, I would want justice done. It's in our nature as human beings to see justice accomplished.

God does love and pursue all human beings. He wants a relationship with us but our sin separates us.

I read a parable once about a benevolent king who ruled his people wisely and they all loved him. Well, almost all. There was a small group of rebels who secretly tried to overthrow his rule. The king had passed a law saying that anyone guilty of treason would have his eyes put out.

One day a young man was brought before the court to be tried for treason. Rumor had it that he was the ringleader of the rebels. The court lawyers had his face covered to assure that justice would be accomplished. The king heard the overwhelmingly incriminating evidence. When it came time to pass sentence the lawyers removed the hood to reveal the king’s own son.

With great restraint of his emotions, he announced he would pronounce judgment in twenty-four hours. During this time, word of the situation spread throughout the kingdom. There was much speculation about what the king would do. Some said he was such a just and righteous king, he would not only put out the son’s eyes, but have him executed as well. Others said He was so loving, he would yield to his feelings toward his son and free him unharmed. Some said he would elicit a promise of allegiance and then set aside the penalty of the law.

The king found himself in a dilemma. Having blinded others for the same offense, how could he make an exception for his son? People would no longer respect his rule. His son would probably even grow bolder in his rebellion. But, how could he shut off all feelings of love and compassion toward his own flesh and blood? Would life have any further meaning for a father?

Twenty four hours later, court was reconvened. The king was the last to enter the chamber. He was led blindfolded as his son had been the previous day, to the throne. He began recounting the evidence, and just as he began to pass sentence he reached up and slipped the hood from his head.

The audience fell back in revulsion as they saw the two gaping, bloody holes where royal eyes had once been. The king asked the people if general justice had been served. They agreed it had been. The king had found a way to be faithful to his law, maintaining its integrity, AND a way to satisfy his love for his son.

This, my friend, is what God has done for us sinful human beings. All he calls us to do is believe that His gift of love (Jesus Christ's death on the cross) is everything we need to save our souls.

Christians should not be warmongers!