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Comment: Never Give Up!

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Never Give Up!

My 20s were spent living paycheck to paycheck. I'd literally have $1.29 left in the ledger after the bills were taken care of. I married at 26 and he was pretty broke too. For fun, we'd rent a it in our apartment that looked like someone did an oil change on the living room carpet and the pipes were cracking through the shower BUT we were happy. We knew only we could make us happy so if Subway once a month was a 'date' then so be it. 15 years of marriage and 2 kids later, we're still happy and making a great living. Find what gives you happiness. Don't worry about things or people you can't control. Look outside your town or even state for work commensurate with your degree. Step outside that comfort zone if that's what it takes. We've travelled or moved often for work (even overseas!) and it's always been an adventure we didn't regret. Just my 2 cents. The best of luck to you!