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Comment: This has happened to me and dare I say most of us.

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This has happened to me and dare I say most of us.

Can I ask "what" specifically it was that you "really" liked about her? Can you also write down on a piece of paper the top qualities you look for in someone you would want to share your life with(forever), be proud to call your partner in life, and be the mother of your children?

Would you have rather have found out what type of girl she was NOW or would you have preferred to find out later on down the road, after she could squeeze any little bit of money you had out of you?

EX:COUNTLESS songs are written about guys asking for their jewelry back.

Trust me bro, this is NOT the type of girl whose hands you want to place your heart in. You think your heartbroken now? Just imagine how much worse it would have been had you invested deeper feelings, time, and falsely picturing your future plans together in order for her to kick you to the curb until someone with a bigger wallet, better car, nicer clothes came along. It's not what she's looking for and from what I read in your original post, it's certainly not what you want or deserve. You really need to value yourself a little more and convince yourself that you're worthy of, and deserve better. NO ONE deserves to be used, much less at the expense of someone's feelings.